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The vineyards along the German Mosel bring forth remarkable wine whites, making the Mosel wines among the most popular from Germany.

The picturesque town of Bernkastel is perhaps the best-known source of the Mosel's greatest wines.

Benkastel's best wines bring together all the qualities of the Mosel: delicacy and drive, force and grace, honey and earth. Viewed from the highest vineyard, with its old houses, multicolored roofs, and the Mosel flowing around it, the town of Bernkastel is truly enchanting.

Piesporter Michaelsberg


This wine is a Qba, or Quality Wine.

Within this classification, German wine law ensures that the wine is from one specific wine-growing region, is made of approved grape varieties, and has reached sufficient ripeness for a quality wine.

ABV: 9.5%

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Mosel Riesling


This variety develops its unique semi-sweet flavor flavor from fully-ripened grapes and lower sugar content.

This wine has a slightly lower alcohol content, but fully compensates with lightweight elegance and enchanting, flowery aromas.

ABV: 9%

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Mosel Riesling


This wine is rich and sweet, because the wines are picked late in their growth process.

Because these grapes are riper than others and contain more sugar, they produce wines that are rich and sweet, balanced and well-rounded.

ABV: 8%

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Mosel Riesling


This wine is made from specially selected, perfectly ripened grapes that are pressed separately from other grapes.

Auslese is an elegant wine - quite delicate in its ripeness, full bouquet, intense taste and noble sweetness.

ABV: 7.5%

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