The Affental region is a part of Baden, Germany's southern-most region, which lies along the border of France.

Here, amid the warmth of the Rhine River at the foot of the Black Forest, some of Germany's best pinot noir and a host of white wines are produced.
The original "monkey bottle" has been a brand symbol of the Affental Viticultural Cooperative since 1949. The distinct look of the bottle and unique Baden bouquet has made this wine a cult classic amongst oenophiles across Germany and the United States.

Pinot Noir

Affentaler Pinot Noir has a powerful yet harmonious body with fruity richness and delicate sweetness. It is dark red, with ripe aromas of cherries and berries.

Food Pairing

The pinot noir pairs well with pizza and pasta dishes, especially red meat. Game is a great companion, as is duck in different preparations. ABV: 12.5%

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Affentaler Riesling has a fruity and fresh aroma, stimulating and balanced in taste with an elegant, harmonious sweetness.

Food Pairing

The riesling is delicious with all kinds of seafood, spicy cuisine, white meats, and salads. It pairs nicely with Asian food. ABV: 11.5%

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