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Franken Silvaner

The Staatlicher estate is located in the city of Würzburg (Maindreieick area) in the Franken wine-growing region in Germany. Staatlicher Hofkeller (royal state cellar) has a long tradition, it was founded in 1128 making it the oldest wine estate in Germany. It has been owned by the ruling forces in the area without interruption since the 12th century. They produce a number of white wines including several grand cru equivalents. This wine uses the rare Silvaner grape. It possesses a neutral flavor making it the perfect canvass to showcase the fine terroir of the region. This wine has notes of lemon and floral aromas in the nose. It is earthy and minerally with little fruit on the palate.

Deep inside the Wuerzburg Residenz (Prince Bishop`s Palace) are the rambling and labyrinthine corridors of the former Fuerstbischoeflicher Hofkeller (Prince Bishop`s Court Cellar). In 1719 the master builder Balthasar Neumann from Eger was commissioned by Prince Bishop Johann Philipp Franz von Schoenborn to build a new palace in Wuerzburg that should have, most imporantly, an "excellent wine cellar".

The Residence is one the most significant baroque buildings north of the Alps, with vast court gardens, the light and rich architecture of Neumann and breath-taking frescoes by the Venetian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Aware of ist heritage, the Staatlicher Hofkeller Wuerzburg (State owned Court Cellar of Wuerzburg) continues the institution of the Fuerstbischoeflicher Hofkeller, not as a museum, but as a living memorial to winegrowing in the form of a working cellar with modern winemaking technology. The atmospheric candlelit corridors and vaults of the Residence wine cellar make it one of the most beautiful in the world. The overwhelming impression of the wooden barrels is Immediatly captivating, and not just in the historic "Stueckfasskeller", where the old traditional wine casks are kept. Special winetastings and cultural events attract thousands of wine-lovers from all over the world to this unique place every year. The huge "Beamtenweinfaesser" wine casks are of great significance in the history of the Court Cellar. Over 200 years ago, the large barrels represented liquid payment for the servants of the Court. The story of the "Schwedenfass" (Barrel of the Swedes"harks back to the dark days of the 30-year war and tells of the legendary 1540 millenium wine. There is also a little gem hidden away in the Bacchus cellar - the treasure chamber. In the Court Cellar "wine library", valuable and cherished wines bear visual and tangible testimony to past vintages. Our red wines, mature on-site in the southern wing of the Residence below the Court Church. Wine is one of life`s pleasures, so why not enjoy the unique atmosphere of this viticultural heritage by taking a tour of the candle-lit cellar or joining one of our exclusive winetastings.

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Food Pairing

This medium bodied white pairs very well with seafood or traditional German dishes. It stands up well to dishes with sauerkraut or onions.

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