Schladerer Williams Birne

Schladerer has its origin in the little town of Staufen in Germany’s historic Black Forest. Over 160 years ago, Sixtus Schladerer began making fruit brandies for guests at his restaurant. The product was something intimate, to be handcrafted and served to close friends. It is with this belief in mind that Schladerer is still family-owned and adheres to traditional values of responsibility and commitment to quality above all else. They have the vision and experience to bring the culture and incomparable delight of fruit brandy to all people with a passion for high class spirits. Besides this objective to produce a premium product, Schladerer continues to honor the family tradition of supporting cultural and social welfare projects in the region. Their dedication to quality and socially conscious business has made them a leader, with over 50% of the premium fruit brandy market. Clear fruit brandies are also known as "Eaux-de-vie" in France. Fruit spirits can be divided into two categories: “Wässer” (water) and “Geist” (spirit). Wasser refers to fruit high in natural sugars, Geist is for fragrant but low sugar fruits. The most well know “Wässer” include Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser (Black Forest Cherry) and Williams’ Pear. The most popular type of “Geist” brandy is raspberry flavored (Himbeergeist). Schladerer fruit brandies are best served slightly chilled and neat in an Armagnac glass or Champagne flute. They make an excellent digestif after a meal. Although the delicate nature of Schladerer brandies make them ideal on their own, they can be mixed with Champagne or sparkling wine, then garnished with the corresponding fruit makes a delightful cocktail. Or add 1 oz. of brandy to coffee for an after-dinner drink. In addition to being an after dinner drink, soaking fruit in Schladerer infuses it with flavor, or they can be poured over ice cream.

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Schladerer Williams Birne (Pear) Schönauer Apple Liqueur Elderflower Liqueur Pear Puree *Compliments of Blaue Gans on 139 Duane Street in NYC

Black Forest Coffee

Eau-de-vies like Williams Birne lend themselves to delightful coffee drinks. Add 1 oz. of Schladerer Williams Birne to a cup of hot coffee and top with whipped cream for a perfect finish.

Williams High Ball

1.5 Schladerer Williams-Birne (pear) 3 ice cubs 3 ounces Ginger Ale Pour Schladerer Williams Birne into a tall glass with ice. Fill with Ginger Ale.

Robert Frost

1 1/2 oz Schlichte Dry Gin 1/2 oz Schladerer Williams-Birne Pear Brandy 3/4 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz grenadine 1/4 oz fresh egg white 3 drops Angostura bitters In a cocktail shaker combine the gin, brandy, lime juice, grenadine and egg white and shake vigorously without ice for 5 seconds. Add ice and shake for another 10 seconds. Double-strain the contents of the shaker into a chilled coupe and top with bitters for garnish.

Desert Pearadise

Desert Pearadise *compliments of Bartender JJ La Rista 638 E Warner Rd‎, Gilbert, AZ 1½ oz Schladerer Williams-Birne Pear Brandy 1 oz Pear Nectar 2 oz Sprite ½ oz Desert Pear Monin


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