Stroh Jagertee

Translated from German, Jagertee means Hunters Tea. It is a traditional beverage enjoyed by skiers, hunters, and others after a long day of enjoyment in the outdoors. Stroh Jagertee is made from a blend of Stroh Rum and Black Tea. This adds complexity and another level of flavor to the iconic butterscotch and vanilla flavors of Stroh Rum. Because of this, Stroh Jagertee can be added to many drinks that call for Stroh Rum depending on individual taste. Traditionally, Stroh Jagertee is enjoyed with hot water mixed to taste. It is also great taken as a cold shot.

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Long Island Iced Jagertee

2 oz Stroh Jagertee 2 oz Alpha Noble Vodka In Collins glass, mix liquors, 1 ounce of simple syrup, a dash of lemon juice, and fill with iced tea. Shake and serve, garnish with a lemon.


Mix 2 oz Stroh Jagertee with ginger ale in a Highball glass.

Iced Jagertee

STROH Jagertee Lime Juice & Slices Ice Water Fill up the glass with ice cubes, add STROH Jagertee & lime juice, top with ice cold water, stir well. Serve with lime slice garnish.

The Crippler

compliments of Tad Carducci Tippling Bros New York, NY 3/4 ounce Sombra Mezcal 1/2 ounce JM Gold Rhum 1/2 ounce Old Overholt Rye 1 ounce Stroh Jagertee 1 barspoon Yellow Chartreuse 3 drops Bitter End Memphis Barbecue Bitters

The Heino

1 oz Stroh Jagertee 1 oz Whiskey Mix over ice in an old-fashioned glass.


3 tbs of Stroh Jagertee 1 1/2 tbs of Stroh 80 Fill with 200 ml of hot water

The Arnold SchwarzenJager

2 oz Stroh Jagertee 2 oz Ginger Puree 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice Shake and serve over ice.

House of the Rising Sun

Stroh Jagertee Austrian Rum, Calvados Coquerel French Apple Brandy, Campari, Fernet Branca, Sutton Cellars Dry Vermouth, and Muddled Tangerines from Texas Wheller Farms.

Winter Grog

Stroh Jagertee Freshly squeezed orange Topped with Avery White Rascal

The New Old Fashioned

1/2 oz Stroh Jagertee 1/4 oz Schladerer Edel-Kirsch 2 oz Crown Royal Black 1 Orange Wedge Muddle the orange wedge (without peel) with Edel-Kirsch, add Jagertee and Crown Royal Black. Shake hard and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with an orange twist and enjoy.

Springtime Tee

Jagertee Wild Tea Lemonade Canton Ginger Sprig Thyme to Garnish

Shandy Tee

Drop a shot of Stroh Jagertee into your ice cold Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Beer!

Jagertee & Lemonade

1 part Jagertee 2 parts Fresh Lemonade Stir or shake and garnish with fresh lemon wheel.


compliments of Kristian Niemi @kristianmn Off Menu with Kristian the daily blog for Rosso Trattoria ½ oz Stroh Jagertee 2 oz Pecan-Infused American Harvest Organic Spirit 1 tbsp Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout-Maple Syrup (recipe below) 2 dashes Orange Bitters Orange Peel for garnish Combine all ingredients in shaker filled with ice and shake for 30 seconds. Pour into coupe and garnish with orange peel. For syrup, pour two bottles of Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout in a saucepan and simmer at medium until reduced to one quarter the original amount. Cool and add an equal part of maple syrup.

Cozy by the Fire

compliments of Vincent Heitz Head Bartender at Coquette New Orleans LA 1 oz Barrel Aged Stoh Jagertee 1 ½ oz Landy VS Brandy ¼ oz Byrrh Grand Queinquina Stirred & served up with an orange peel garnish.

Romy Schneider

compliments of Vincent Heitz Head Bartender at Coquette New Orleans LA 1 ½ oz Barrel Aged Stoh Jagertee 1 oz Housemade Apple Juice 1 oz Housemade Honey Syrup 2-3 Drops of All Spice Dram Stirred & strained into a cordial glass.

Fezziwig's Mulled Wine

*compliments of Master Mixologist Nick Lane of Sea Change 806 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN Stroh Jagertee Cabernet sauvignon Apple Cider Honey Orange Spices

My Schatzi

compliments of Manor Oktoberfest
73-11 Yellowstone Blvd. Forest Hills, NY
Stroh Jagertee
Ginger Ale


Stroh Rumbar Girls

The STROH Rumbar Girls

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