Hugo Kümmerling spent 17 years perfecting his Kuemmerling recipe. The traveling chemist from Deesbach began developing tinctures and herb liqueurs from high-quality herbal extracts back in 1921, finally completeing his masterpiece in 1938. And after a number of a relocations and continuing production throughout World War II, Kuemmerling found its final home in Bodenheim near Mainz. The half-bitter is still being manufactured there today, Henkell & Co. KG - itself steeped in tradition-since 2010.

Kuemmerling sells over 90 million bottles a year in Germany, a major brand and clear market leader in small bottles. When the bottle's redesign hit the shelves in 2011, causing something of a stir its TV appearance also go a huge TV coverage and achieved around 788 million views.

Our small bottle is the perfect accompaniment to modest fun, whatever the occasion. Whether you're with lots of friends of just in a small group, you can drink straight from the little botle. Because it's so simple, Kuemmerling fans remember those special situations and moements with the little bottle. Buildings and works of arts are pain stakingly created out of Kuemmerling bottles, immortalising those special moments and allowing shared times to be experienced again in time.

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