Chabot Armagnac 30 Year

The first written record of Armagnac dates back to 1411. It is France's oldest brandy. Three cultures were necessary to give us the Armagnac so many enjoy today: The Romans who brought vines to Gascony, the Moors who distilled the region's wines, and the Celts who taught the Gascons how to use oak barrels to coax the brandy into its greatest expression. In order to be called Armagnac, the brandy must come from the Armagnac region and production is tightly regulated. Chabot uses a column stills and matures their Armagnac in black oak. Over the years the brandy mellows, extracting color and flavor from the wood. Like other fine products aged in wood, the Armagnac evaporates through time. This is called "The Angel's Share." What is left is one of the world's finest and most traditional Armagnacs. The Chabot family began producing in 1828 in the village of Labastide d'Armagnac. Despite this, their Armagnac was not exported until 1963. It is now available in 96 countries and is the world's number one exported Armagnac. Every drop of Armagnac in this decanter is at least 30 years old. It has a lovely amber color with an intense and intricate nose with powerful aromas of preserved fruits, sweet Madeira, spice, and tobacco. It is robust in the mouth, balanced, and with great length. Persistent tastes of sweet spices dominate the finish. It is truly a generation in a bottle. Armagnac is best served in a pear shaped glass with a round belly and tapered chimney or a champagne glass as opposed to a brandy snifter. Hold the glass at chest level and let the aroma waft up. Take a small sip to coat the mouth with the delicate flavors. As the glass and evening progress, your hand cupped on the glass will warm the Armagnac releasing new aromas and flavors.

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