Old St. Andrew's


With a history that can be traced back over 25 years, Old St. Andrew's is the brand owner, producer, and distributor of a range of premium quality products.

Today, the company is a modern, efficient operation with worldwide distribution channels. Based in the United Kingdom, they design their products in conjunction with the world's leading whiskey blenders in Scotland and gin distillers from the country's heartland. This expertise, combining the knowledge of both blending and distillation skills, is encapsulated by the Old St. Andrew's unique cherished flavor.



Old St. Andrew's 'Clubhouse' is full-flavored, fruity, and fresh

The exceptional blend of rich fruit flavors comes from aging in European oak casks that previously contained sweet wines, sherry, or port.

It has a kiss of peat and finishes with a little smoke. The powerful flavors are balanced with an undertone of sweet spiciness that leaves a fresh, energetic, mouth-watering finish. This is the perfect accompaniment to an evening with friends. It is uniquely packaged in the dimple golf ball-shaped bottle to focus on the buying trinity of whisky, golfing, and gifts.

ABV: 40%

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Mini Barrel Tasting Set

A light floral nose invites appreciation of the delicate citrus and apple flavors, with a hint of ginger: leaving a satisfying, light, and fresh finish.

ABV: 40%

'Fireside' has light peat smokey flavors as a result of the ancient process of drying malted barley in kilns and using peat as fuel. The additional hints of grass and moss are a result of the reactions of the spirit for over 12 years in oak casks.

ABV: 40%

'Nightcap' offers a rich and fruity nose that invites discovery of the honeyed oak flavors. Maturing for over 15 years in European oak casks has given 'Nightcap' a full-bodied complexity of flavors that is well-balanced, rounded, and smooth, leaving a finish that is long, sweet, and satisfying.

ABV: 40%

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